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Every year numerous people in the fashion industry determine the trend for the current year. Over time, there are always clothes that are only popular for a few months and others that can last for many decades.

Some trends come back and repeat themselves. What was trendy in the 70s, for example, is coming back with a few changes and can conquer the catwalks and department stores again.

However, some classics make it back into wardrobes every year. Combined with new fashion or simply clean doesn’t matter. These clothes will never go out of style.

These classics never go out of style.

So-called basics are among the perennial favorites in every closet. In addition to a white T-shirt and a simple blouse, much more has been able to assert itself in the fashion world for many generations.

The jeans

Jeans are a piece of clothing that everyone has in their closet. This classic has been at the top of the popularity scale for many decades. Different cuts and shades of color make them so popular.

Jeans can be worn for almost any occasion. Combined with a shirt or a blouse, it creates a severe impression. On the other hand, you look relaxed and casual with a wide T-shirt or a hoodie.

There is also a wide range of shoes to choose. Sneakers look just as good with jeans as fine leather shoes or pumps.

With appropriate jewelry, you can also adapt the appearance of the occasion. If, for example, you wear gold ear studs and a noble necklace, then it looks serious. On the other hand, colorful fashion jewelry makes the outfit casual and cheeky.

Floral dresses in summer

Especially on warm days, we love clothes that are loose and airy. In this case, the ladies can fall back on different dresses. It all depends on your preferences, long or short, a particularly wide or relatively narrow cut.

However, one dress that pops up almost every new summer season is the floral dress. It is a true classic, playful, airy, and with different flowers and colors.

This dress can be worn on numerous and above all different occasions. It looks just as good on the beach as it does at a party in the backyard. Even at a wedding, it’s festive enough.

It can also be combined with a denim jacket, a blazer, or even a leather jacket on cooler days. Depending on the occasion and the weather, the floral dress is a perfect choice.

The classic blazer

A blazer is equally popular among women and men. You can’t just combine it with jeans or a dress. It also looks good with a skirt or trousers.

A short and tight-fitting blazer together with tight jeans and elegant pumps is perfect for a visit to the disco or even a hip club. If you combine this blazer with wide trousers, it looks relatively relaxed.

Models that are cut a little longer are suitable for the office. But here, too, a simple pair of jeans and appropriate shoes are sufficient to radiate the necessary seriousness that one needs in the office.

If the blazer has an oversize cut, it can appear loose, especially if you wear it with an airy dress in summer. In this case, men can wear wide trousers.

Accessories and shoes

In addition to classic clothing items, numerous accessories and shoes never go out of style. This can be perfectly combined with new trends or with the classics.

A timeless and classic black handbag. The color matches most clothes and is a faithful companion. It can be worn at a birthday party and dinner at a restaurant.

The only drawback is the leisure area. The model is less suitable for visiting the playground or an afternoon at the beach. Here you have to resort to alternatives. A backpack or a large cloth bag are popular here.

Hats of different shapes and colors also do not go out of style. The giant straw hat for the summer or a classic variant for the evening can enhance the entire outfit significantly.

Classic shoes that should not be missing in any closet are sneakers and pumps. This is about the plain and straightforward variant with all clothing styles and colors. Black is the most common choice here.

Sneakers can be combined very well with pants, but also with dresses. In the office or the park, they can complete the outfit. The same goes for the pumps. These don’t just have to be worn with a dress or skirt.

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