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The human metabolism is a true miracle. It is involved in all of our body’s processes and ensures a healthy organism that utilizes our food in the best possible way, provides energy and eliminates toxins.

A disturbed metabolism, as it often occurs in thyroid diseases, has a significant impact on our well-being and weight loss. In this article, we would like to explain to you why our metabolism is so important when it comes to losing weight and which snacks and tablets you can use to stimulate your metabolism.

A healthy metabolism improves weight loss.

To understand why an active metabolism is essential for weight loss, you have to look deeper. The metabolism is not a big cycle, but many different processes and types such as sugar, protein and fat metabolism.

These metabolic types are responsible for the biochemical processing of their macronutrients; Enzymes and hormones provide the human body with the “good” nutrients like energy, while the rest is excreted or used elsewhere. If the metabolism is disturbed, weight gain can occur because the body is much more difficult to utilize or eliminate the excessive nutrients and toxins.

There are some essential tips that you should integrate into your everyday life, such as increased fluid intake in water, green tea, or coffee. Sufficient sleep and regular exercise through endurance and strength training also have an enormous impact on the metabolism!

We have already explained which diet you can use to stimulate your metabolism in another article. In this post, we would like to primarily focus on the advantages and disadvantages of metabolism-boosting food supplements and introduce suitable tablets and snacks that you can use to improve your metabolism.

Tablets to improve metabolism – proper or not?

Do you eat healthily, do sports and still don’t want to lose the excess kilos? A disturbed metabolism may be the cause of the problem. To investigate this, you should first get examined by a doctor; an underactive thyroid could be the reason for slow metabolism.

In addition to the tips already mentioned, many looking for metabolism-stimulating substances will come across dietary supplements in tablets, powder or capsules. Always be aware that these tablets are only suitable as a support and are not a substitute for exercise, a protein-rich and balanced diet, increased water intake and enough sleep!

First of all, change your everyday habits and discuss the intake of dietary supplements with your doctor – especially if a disease is the cause of your metabolic problems.

These tablets or capsules are usually mixed with highly concentrated vitamins and nutrients, which can positively affect your metabolism and your health. Such food supplements are beneficial in the case of intolerances that lead to a nutrient and vitamin deficiency.

Which dietary supplements & tablets are suitable?

Absolute caution is required when choosing metabolism-enhancing drugs and dietary supplements! Again and again, one comes across dubious providers on the Internet who incorrectly state the ingredients of their tablets. Even the effect of supposedly “purely herbal” preparations cannot be assessed and can lead to severe side effects such as tachycardia and high blood pressure.

If you decide to take dietary supplements anyway, you should discuss the intake with your doctor beforehand. They can advise you on sensible ingredients and recommend reputable manufacturers. Online pharmacies also offer metabolism tablets that can help you lose weight!

If the side effects are too risky for you, you can try natural and, above all, delicious snacks. We would now like to show you which foods you can snack on in between to boost your metabolism.

Snacks instead of tablets: these treats improve your metabolism

In addition to a vast selection of tablets and capsules to improve your metabolism, some foods stimulate your metabolism. In particular, foods rich in protein, i.e. foods containing a lot of protein, positively affect the metabolism since the body uses more energy to process them.

Spicy food can also stimulate metabolism. Refine high-protein meals with hot spices! Protein and vitamin-rich snacks and snacks that have a positive effect on your metabolism are also:

Nuts (especially almonds)

Porridge/yoghurt with cinnamon & fruit (especially grapefruit)

Wholemeal bread with avocado

Dried fruits (e.g. dried strawberries or plums)

Fish rolls (especially salmon, eel & mackerel)

Of course, there are many more foods that stimulate metabolism. Above all, however, hydration is crucial; sufficient water, green tea and coffee (in moderation) have a rapid effect on the metabolism. Lemons, chillies and high-quality oils such as coconut and olive oil are also metabolism boosters that should not be missing from your diet.

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