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The effects of green coffee are said to have been discovered when a herdsman noticed that his goats became particularly lively after eating the fruit of the coffee bush.

This is handed down from the kingdom of Kaffa, which is located in present-day Ethiopia. The roasted version of the coffee that is now popular everywhere was not yet known – but rather the raw performance of green coffee beans.

The discovery of coffee

After the shepherd had tried the coffee beans’ stimulating effect, the monks tested what was behind it. They dried the fruits and ground their seeds to conjure up an infusion drink. This is how coffee began to conquer the whole world.

About the coffee plant

The coffee bushes are three to four meters high. They need a stable climate without large temperature fluctuations for their growth. They like between 13 and 30 degrees and develop stone fruits from their white flowers, also called coffee berries. These are first green, then yellow, and finally red. They contain the seeds, the so-called coffee beans. The beans are left only when the fruit has been picked and the flesh removed.

The quality of the coffee beans

The quality is already decided on the field. Because if a plantation owner takes the time to harvest by hand, only fully ripe, red fruits will be gathered. This results in the highest quality coffee. If harvested by machine, unripe fruits are also pulled from the bushes. After further processing, the beans are roasted and ground to be brewed into the coffee known here.

The green coffee bean

The bean peeled from the red fruit is green. If it is not roasted, the bean’s caffeine content is lower. On the other hand, other ingredients destroyed by roasting are preserved all the better.

An extract containing valuable ingredients is obtained from these green beans. These can be taken in tablet or powder form. These ingredients are said to have a positive effect on health. However, the infusion from the green beans tastes sour.

Healthy ingredients in the green coffee beans

It contains chlorogenic acids known as radical scavengers. In this way, they prevent skin aging and ensure that the immune system is supported. The sugar level in the blood can also be positively influenced. As a result, existing fat reserves in the body are attacked; Metabolism and fat burning are stimulated. Therefore, green coffee bean extract positively affects all amateur athletes and those who want to lose weight.

How to take the green coffee extract

The capsules and tablets made from green coffee bean extract are available in different concentrations. Taken half an hour before a meal, they should develop their full help for the body. The drugs with 200 mg ingredients are ideal for this. Tablets containing 300 mg of the active substance are taken only in the morning and evening before meals. Higher doses should only be taken after consulting a doctor.

Other varieties

Of course, not only green coffee has this particular effect. The number of coffee beans and roasts is almost infinite. Of course, the question arises as to what the best coffee is. Here, of course, it all depends on your preferences. One needs a high caffeine content, and the other prefers mild varieties.

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