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Detox treatment – ​​naturally detoxify body and soul

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For some time now, a particular form of nutrition has been advertised as a silver bullet against aging: It’s the detox cure that’s been on everyone’s lips, literally, since around 2013 – but what’s behind the promising “revolutionary” name?

The term detox is simply the abbreviation of the English term “detoxification,” which can be translated as

“detoxification,” so it is ultimately nothing new. However, the concept of detoxification is increasingly becoming the focus of medicine in the context of the daily increasing poisoning of the body by food, and environmental toxins are pretty new. We are now quite sure that toxins stored deep in our intestines and in our cells promote many diseases or even trigger them. All the more reason why everyone should think about a regular detox cure and do something good for their body.

A  detox cure is nothing more than a detoxification cure or purification cure practiced worldwide for centuries. would like to make you want to live a healthy, vital, and happy life  – through news and concepts for new scientific findings or personal experiences. The website’s focus is to stay healthy and improve symptoms and serious illnesses, not by suppressing symptoms but by deep endogenous healing.

Why detox?

Reasons of intoxication of the body

As part of the detox cures, the body is asked to cleanse itself,  rid itself of toxins and purify. In principle, this happens based on the previous poisoning, which strains the organism and inhibits human performance. These toxins attack the organism insidiously. The body is consciously poisoned by cigarettes and alcohol and insufficient sleep, stress, daily environmental pollution, and processed lousy food.

Scientists assume that the human body has a specific storage mode, according to which, even with a functioning metabolism, residues remain in the body that is neither processed nor excreted. Fat and connective tissue serves as storage, and it is precisely there that the waste products from the consumption accumulate and combine to form acids or heavy metals.

It becomes hazardous when connective and fatty tissue is stretched to capacity. Then a new anatomical bearing is sought – and then muscles, tendons, and joints have to be used. Therefore,  after the detoxification, the purification follows: First, the toxin is removed from the body cells, then transported away and excreted.

Signals of intoxication of the body

There are many symptoms of poisoning: headaches,  sleep disorders, and listlessness are the most common signs of poisoning of the body. However, even supposedly organic problems of the gastrointestinal tract and issues of weight and skin bear witness to the fact that poisoning has taken place in the body and is usually still ongoing.

In addition, detoxification, such as that carried out as part of a detox cure, supposedly helps to rid the body of toxins of all kinds  – and thus free up capacities to defend itself against other diseases.

suitability for a detox

A detox is not for everyone. Experts advise not to do a detox if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Even those who have already suffered from an eating disorder must exercise caution with all dietary changes and should only complete a detox cure under medical supervision.

Forms of detoxification

All detox cures aim to rid the body of toxins, detoxify it completely, and thus allow it to cleanse itself. A  detox cure is beneficial when the body suffers from an excessive toxin balance. If you want to banish the pollutants from your body, you can take as long as you want. There are detox cures designed for a more extended period and detox days on which one day of the week or month is selected as the detox day.

There are two variants  of the  detox cure :

The detox cure is very similar to fasting and completely avoids solid food, and the detox diet cycle usually lasts six weeks and allows a range of foods.

Accompanying therapies during detoxification

In addition to the actual detox cure, i.e., purification and detoxification with the help of a specific nutrition plan, other medical applications can support a  detox cure. In technical jargon, this describes a  therapy used to stimulate the metabolism with and without a detox cure. Excess water is removed from the tissue. This should effectively detoxify the body. During the therapy, fat cells are said to be squeezed out with the help of a particular device that acts like a vacuum massage.

Background of a detox cure – purification and detoxification

Ideally, beginners in detoxification first choose a detox cure lasting several days. The following note: In the first few days of a detox cure, tiredness, headaches, or irritability can occur – but a natural energy boost can also set in when the metabolism changes and the toxins of everyday life leave the body.

Duration of detox cures

The detox cure is considered a cure for the organs, so long-term detox cures that focus on a different organ week after week promise the best results. Who each a week

  • the liver,
  • the kidneys
  • of the skin,
  • the lungs
  • the lymph and
  • dedicated to the gut


Which foods are suitable for a detox cure

If you think of hungry days and growling stomachs when you hear the word detox cure, you are wrong because there is a comparatively long list of allowed foods according to the detox menu.

This includes fruit and vegetables, which, in various combinations, ensure a richly set the table. It makes sense to pay attention to the official labeling of organic products because they do not bring any unnecessary toxins into the body.

When it comes to salads, special radicchio and rocket are recommended. Attention should also be paid to organic quality when it comes to meat. Chicken and turkey are particularly lean and suitable for being poached or grilled. Attention: Of course, only the heart without the skin is allowed on the plate. It is better to avoid meat altogether during the detox cure. Fans of fresh fish should be told:  zander,  tuna, and salmon are allowed.


Detox cure: at home or in a clinic?

The detoxification and purification of the body ultimately take place is up to the individual or is finally also a matter of the wallet. Of course, booking a  detox cure in a spa clinic or a spa hotel brings with it the additional wellness factor, and it is probably easier to switch off and devote the time of the detox cure solely to the body. Still, such a stay in a hotel costs quite a lot of money.

Spa clinics have some advantages.

In a spa facility, food is served according to the detox nutrition plan, there are drinks available that may be consumed as part of a detox cure – and since you are not alone in a spa hotel, the company of the other detox cure participants can undoubtedly have an effect – in multiple directions. It can be easier to persevere in the company of others because you have people to talk to who can sympathize with the feeling of detoxification. In addition, society also inevitably encourages a certain level of ambition because, after all, nobody wants to sin if the other person perseveres.

A detox spa stays away from everyday stress and everyday habits also has the advantage that there are usually numerous sports facilities and massages and saunas available, which can be helpful in detoxification.

It is simply easier to deviate from the detox cure plan in your own four walls. This also increases the risk that the detox diet will have no effect. Very few will ban all non-detox foods from the household, and you honestly have to ask.

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