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Benefits Of Protein Shakes
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Protein shakes are used in many areas these days. They can be made relatively quickly at home. The protein powder is

whisked with milk or water and drunk. Protein shakes are mainly consumed for muscle building as well as for dieting. In terms of taste, manufacturers usually offer vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or something similar.

Are you interested in the topic of protein shake tests? Then you are exactly right here. In addition to examinations, we also offer advice and recipes for everything to do with the shakes.

Protein shake for weight loss

Some diet programs recommend consuming only protein and no carbohydrates in the evening. Protein shakes are mentioned as a way of protein intake.

Protein shake for muscle building

If you want to build muscle, targeted training will help. As a muscle-building accelerator, gyms often offer protein shakes.

Current protein shake tests

There are also quality differences in protein shakes. We closely look at some shakes and test them in taste, price and ingredients.

Offers and bargains

You can save a lot when buying a protein shake. The powders are available in large packaging units, which bring price advantages.

Please take a look at our protein shake comparison.

Test protein shakes.

Protein shakes are a popular nutritional supplement among athletes. Whether protein shakes are necessary for a balanced diet rich in vital substances. Here, however, we are interested in other focal points. Our protein shake tests deal with questions of taste, nutrient content and health value, dosage recommendations and pricing.

Focus on protein shakes

In the taste test, protein shakes perform differently. Some are mealy, others taste chemical or are far too sweet. The sweeteners combined with the sweetener “aspartame” can pose health risks. This cannot be estimated due to a lack of independent long-term studies. Stevia sweetness can be intrusive but interesting for diabetics or allergy sufferers.

Our protein shake tests are about finding balanced products with high nutritional value. Since protein consumption is higher in competitive sports, an additional supply makes sense. It can be done through diet as well as through protein shakes. Their advantage is the easy digestibility and protein usability. Protein drinks help athletes build muscle more effectively and improve performance after a workout. Given the different coordination of the nutrients, it is worth paying attention to high-quality products.

High bioavailability of the proteins in the protein shake is desirable. In addition to whey proteins that can be absorbed quickly, high-quality products usually contain proteins from eggs, caseins that can be digested more slowly, and a high-quality amino acid mixture. The coordination of content and the nutrient content of cheap products are due to inferior filling materials. Wheat proteins or collagen proteins are of little use in building muscle.

Essential evaluation criteria in protein shake tests

Measured values ​​can be created for better comparability in content coordination, taste, solubility, nutritional value and price. These values ​​allow us to compare how good a protein shake is somewhat objectively. For a meaningful protein shake test, the taste is more of a second evaluation criterion. Taste ratings and “mouth feeling” are individual criteria that everyone evaluates differently. But good taste ensures that people enjoy drinking the food-chemical mixture.

It is positive when culinary variety is offered with several flavours. The sweeteners used play an essential role in the taste assessment. Of the sweeteners used, aspartame, in particular, is controversial because of suspected carcinogenic factors. There is a corresponding point deduction if used as the sole sweetener. Combined sweeteners are also critical. In scientific studies, only individual sweeteners have been examined for their effects. If the manufacturers were the clients of the study, the result of the study would be at least one-sided.

Independent long-term tests on combined sweeteners are not yet available. Stevia is considered a “healthy” substitute sweetener these days. But there are cheat packs here too. In addition to small amounts of stevia, these contain large amounts of sweeteners or sugar substitutes to be viewed critically.

When it comes to solubility, not all protein shakes perform equally well. There is criticism of the composition and nutritional value of some products. Cheap protein shakes are loaded with useless or worthless fillers. These keep the selling price low.

In protein shake tests, the price is related to the product value. The most expensive product is not necessarily the best. However, a cheap protein shake is usually inferior. High protein content from various protein sources, which serve to build muscle, is rated positively. Other additions of amino acids or vitamins, which help improve absorption, are also given good marks.

Why Whey Protein Shakes?

Protein shakes containing whey protein are very popular because the body can absorb whey protein (or whey protein) quickly, and whey protein shakes are also relatively inexpensive to purchase. This article shows you the five whey protein shakes with the best customer ratings.

Whey is a form of protein made from milk or whey. The whey protein consists of a high proportion of essential amino acids (BCAA). These cannot be produced themselves and must be obtained from food. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and their rapid availability is an enormous advantage, especially after strength training sessions.

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