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CBD is becoming increasingly popular and is one of the most sought-after dietary supplements today. So it’s no wonder that the cannabinoid is used both internally and externally. Today’s article will introduce you to the various dosage forms and tell you which CBD products you are certainly not familiar with.

CBD preparations that not everyone knows yet

CBD oil is one of the absolute classics among CBD products because it can be dosed precisely. The oil can be pure or mixed into a smoothie or other drink. In addition, high-quality CBD oils are also used to treat skin irritations and eczema. Since CBD oil is available in different flavours, taking it is also very pleasant. Nevertheless, new CBD preparations are constantly conquering the market. We present the most interesting CBD products to you in the following sections.

CBD oil mouth sprays

Classic CBD oil is taken sublingually and with the help of a dropper. CBD oral spray proves to be a practical alternative at this point. Users only have to put a few spray sprays in the mouth and let it work there for 30 to 60 seconds. The mouth spray can now be absorbed through the oral mucosa and transported into the bloodstream, similar to regular CBD oil. Depending on the physical condition and symptoms, a daily intake of 10 milligrams to 60 milligrams is recommended.

CBD vape

CBD vaporizers have also established themselves as a popular dosage form. A vape pen is required for the application; the cartridge can be filled with CBD crystals, CBD liquid and CBD flowers. After switching on the vape pen, the CBD is heated and can then be inhaled. The CBD content in this dosage form can vary between 10 per cent and 60 per cent. It is, therefore, essential to find a CBD product with the correct dosage. A low CBD content of around 10 per cent is recommended for beginners. If the CBD is well tolerated, the amount can be increased gradually.

Good to know: Since CBD vaporizers do not contain nicotine or other harmful substances, users are ideally supported in giving up smoking.

Bath Balls & Bath Salts with CBD

Cannabidiol is also very popular for external use. If you want to benefit from the beneficial and relaxing effects of the cannabinoid, you are making the right choice with CBD bath bombs and CBD bath salts. The bath bombs have a ready-to-use dosage and, like the bath salts, can be added directly to the bathwater. While two to four large tablespoons are recommended for the bath when it comes to bath salts, one bath ball is sufficient for a full bath. As a rule, the bath salts and bath bombs are enriched with other beneficial ingredients. For example, CBD bath bombs and salts with lavender and ylang-ylang promote relaxation and inner balance.

CBD massage oil

You will like CBD massage oil if you don’t want to do without the right pampering program in your own four walls. CBD massage oil can be precisely dosed and used like regular massage oil. CBD massage oil is often used to relieve tension and provide the skin with the moisture it needs. In addition, the ingredients of the oil have a relaxing effect so that you can switch off again after a stressful day. Different varieties with rich ingredients are also available for this CBD product.

CBD cosmetics

Hemp has been used for health for thousands of years, so CBD cosmetics have also become increasingly popular in the past. There are now serums, day and night creams, boosters, balms and lip care sticks with CBD accessible. The individual preparations can usually be used just like classic cosmetic products. Nevertheless, you should pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions when using it. CBD creams support the skin’s natural moisture balance and are often used by people with dry skin. In addition, studies indicate that CBD creams can also alleviate the symptoms of acne and neurodermatitis due to their anti-inflammatory effect. However, since cannabidiol is one of the classic dietary supplements, no guarantee can be given for the exact effect.

CBD Ointment & CBD Gel

CBD gels and CBD ointments pamper the skin and are particularly appreciated by athletes. CBD gel is usually used to treat sore muscles, tension and swelling. Itching and eczema can also be effectively reduced with the help of CBD gel. The CBD ointment only has to be gently massaged to the affected skin area. Since the ointments and gels can have different effects due to their composition, the manufacturer’s recommendation should always be considered.

CBD edibles

CBD edibles are also becoming increasingly popular, so new products are constantly offered in this area. Edibles are CBD foods such as chewing gum, granola bars, coffee or chocolate. The CBD edibles can be enjoyed like regular edibles. However, in this case, the CBD content of the individual foods should also be taken into account. The effect of CBD edibles is somewhat delayed and lasts longer. This can be explained by the fact that the cannabidiol in edibles is absorbed more slowly by the body.

CBD tea

CBD tea is based on the flowers of the hemp plant and is one of the classic forms of administration of the cannabinoid. Users are recommended to infuse a teaspoon of the tea with 200 to 300 millilitres of hot water. If you want to familiarize yourself with the effect first, use a smaller amount of the tea. Experience has shown that CBD tea primarily benefits relaxation and digestion. Therefore, the tea should preferably be drunk in the evening hours.

CBD crystals

If you want to take the cannabinoid CBD in its pure form, CBD crystals are ideal. CBD crystals contain up to 99 per cent pure CBD and are therefore non-intoxicating. Due to their sugar-like consistency, CBD crystals can be taken neat or in combination with food and drinks. In addition, CBD crystals can also be used for cooking and baking. However, the crystals should be combined with edible oil and exposed to temperatures of a maximum of 170 degrees. Otherwise, the cannabidiol can no longer work.

Conclusion: CBD intake can be very versatile

There is a wide range of CBD products to choose from, so you should have no trouble finding the correct dosage form. However, you should only use high-quality CBD products with a maximum THC content of 0.2 per cent. In this way, you ensure that the cannabidiol can take full effect and benefit your health.

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