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Stress in the home office: 7 snacks that have a relaxing effect

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Everyone knows it: the little hiding place for emergency provisions when things get too stressful at work. Also, reaching for the kitchen drawer or the fridge is pre-programmed in the home office. Instead of chocolate, gummy bears, and the like, you should rather store these seven healthy alternatives in them.

When the to-do list gets longer and time runs out, healthy eating can quickly take a back seat – the quick sugar high suddenly seems too tempting.

Not an ideal strategy, we all know that – not least because sweets send skyrocketing blood sugar levels but only provide you with short-term energy before the inevitable crash, and cravings usually follow.

So what snacks should you have ready just in case to get through the workload in a relaxed manner?

Good fuel for the brain

Ideally, you should snack on something that doesn’t send blood sugar levels on a roller coaster ride but keeps it at the same level and is, of course, healthier than the – admittedly mostly quite tasty – treats that we all too often reach for convenience.

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On the other hand, valuable proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats supply the brain with high-quality fuel. These foods are, therefore, the better snacks: Green tea or green coffee.

Dried mangoes

If you need something sweet, you can nibble on dried mangoes, which contain plenty of fiber and gradually release energy.

The high carbohydrate content is relatively low in calories, around 289 kcal per 100g.

Chewing also calms and relaxes. However, it would be best if you were careful to use unsweetened dried mangoes.


With the medium-chain triglycerides, coconuts contain fat that initially does not end up on the hips but is used directly as energy.

Coconut oil is like rocket fuel, which is particularly helpful for those who have a sugar craving in the afternoon – and a delicious one at that.

Fresh coconut meat is ideal, but unsweetened coconut chips are also a great snack.

Instant miso soup

Single portions of miso powder or paste can be quickly transformed into a strengthening drink with hot water in the tea kitchen, usually enriched with algae or mushrooms.

The fermented soy paste, which the Japanese swear by, protects the nervous system and improves the immune system, which becomes more susceptible to infections when stressed.

Rye crispbread

Rye contains less gluten than wheat, and fermented sourdough is also used for the exceptionally well-tolerated crispbread, which further reduces the effect of the gluten protein.

A little hummus, a few slices of beetroot or avocado, and a boiled egg for a protein kick – with a healthy topping, the empty batteries are quickly recharged.

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Time for a bit of snack? When the brain cries out for sugar, it can often be comforted with fat.

Please give him an exceptionally high-quality one: the B vitamins contained in avocados support nerve performance and promote concentration.

A halved avocado topped with pumpkin seeds, hummus, or feta cheese – and you’re ready for the next Zoom meeting.

Dark Chocolate

Sometimes it just has to be chocolate – but then please dark ones. Forty grams a day should help you cope better with stress. Responsible for this is, among other things, the amino acid tryptophan, which has a positive effect on the stress level.

Tip: It is best to use a variety with at least 70 percent cocoa content. The valuable plant substances are suitable for the heart, brain, and blood circulation. And with dark chocolate, in particular, a small amount is enough for most people – and their craving for sweets is satisfied.

Energy balls made from dates and nuts

You can prepare Energy Balls at home without much effort: Chop nuts (cashews and Brazil nuts are exceptionally creamy) and the same amount of dates in the blender so that they become a tough dough from which you roll the balls.

Adding cinnamon, coconut flakes, or peanut butter further spices up the taste. Then the balls will cool well and be devoured – but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Among other things, nuts strengthen brainpower, while dates support the good bacteria in the intestinal flora, which are also crucial for coping with stress.

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