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Daily care is part of a fixed ritual for most people. Countless products should prevent not only wrinkles but also ensure a youthful appearance.

Only a few people look at the ingredients. The advertising promises that can be found again and again from the numerous manufacturers and developers are much more effective.

However, in conventional cosmetics, numerous kinds of paraffin and silicones can be found in addition to microplastics. This is just a tiny proportion of substances that are neither good for your skin nor the environment.

You will look in vain for these ingredients in products such as those from Aetui. The natural cosmetics industry deals with care and the environment.

What is meant by the term natural cosmetics?

This is a generic term for care products made from natural raw materials. They are gentle with people and the environment. Chemical ingredients are not available.

However, there is no uniform standard for these natural products. Accordingly, no specifications or the like. This can quickly lead to confusion, especially on the European market.

What does not belong in natural cosmetics in our country can be taken for granted in another neighbouring European country. The Federal Ministry of Health has a different definition than the Council of Europe.

Not everywhere that says natural cosmetics on it is only pure nature. So you need to read the different ingredients on the product. A little research on the respective manufacturer can also help to identify natural cosmetics.

There are also certificates and seals for the different natural cosmetics. Again, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Various associations can issue the certificates.

A product only gets a seal from specialized control institutes. Checks, different test procedures and precise analysis are part of the everyday program here.

Why you should choose natural cosmetics.

Numerous facts suggest that you should say goodbye to industrial cosmetics. It’s not just about the ingredients, but also about the production and, above all, the packaging.

The entire product is considered in natural cosmetics and produced accordingly. This looks very different in conventional production. Here the priorities are often placed on cheap display.

In addition, the manufacturers attach great importance to the fact that the care is sustainable for the environment and your skin. There is significantly more planning and consideration in natural cosmetics from the planning to the end product.

The following three reasons speak in favour of natural cosmetics and thus bring numerous advantages in various care products. The benefits are apparent and should convince even the last sceptic.

Does not endanger your health

Gentle on the environment

Healthy for skin and hair

Natural cosmetics are better for your health

The shower gel and the shampoo, corresponding body lotion, or face cream are already part of the cosmetics sector. So it’s not just about the make-up on your face. A lot of people get this mixed up.

Especially when one speaks of natural cosmetics, not everyone feels addressed directly. But everyone showers and washes their hair. It is worth taking a look at the ingredients of the products.

It quickly becomes apparent that there are numerous parabens, silicones and mineral oils in the products. On the one hand, this is used for cheap production and on the other hand, these additives have a positive effect on the product’s properties.

However, the ingredients are harmful to your health. Some are even said to be carcinogenic. Everything contained in cosmetic products can also get into our metabolism.

So it is obvious why you should use natural cosmetics. Selected and non-harmful ingredients are healthier and have a long-term positive effect on the entire body.

Natural cosmetics significantly protects the environment.

In industrial cosmetics, the burden on the environment begins during manufacture. Numerous oil refineries are required so that the different ingredients can be obtained.

The microplastics and the silicones cannot be broken down and unfiltered in the rivers and seas. There is also a heavy burden here. Just washing your hair is already doing damage to the environment.

The environment also includes animals and thus animal experiments. Many cosmetic products are tested on innocent living beings before they are sold. The typical animal experiments are taboo for natural cosmetics.

The packaging also pays attention to sustainability and the environment. Many products are sold in glass bottles or cardboard packaging. If you find a tube made of plastic, you should take a closer look here.

What at first glance looks like plastic can also be a substitute product or even a mixture of bamboo and other natural materials. The content and packaging are always made with the environment in mind.

Natural cosmetics provide better care for skin and hair

If you use solid shampoo or other natural cosmetics products for the first time, you will quickly notice that they do not use foam as intensively.

Some people feel that these cosmetics don’t clean properly. However, this is not the case. The foam in conventional products is also produced chemically.

Therefore, the absence of foam indicates that the chemicals have been dispensed. Therefore, this type of care is much gentler on skin and hair. It’s just a matter of getting used to it.

The same applies to numerous fragrances. These are not natural flavours.

In natural cosmetics, only the pure scents from nature are used. These don’t smell that intense, but they are the better and, above all, the healthier option for the skin and hair.

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