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Some may now ask themselves: What is this? These will probably be the men with pronounced beard growth and who may even wish they didn’t have to shave every day.

However, many men either have no beard growth or only a very weak one – instead of a male 3-day beard, only light down grows. It can also happen that beard growth does not start with puberty but much later. Those affected react very differently to this. Some accept it and prefer to shave regularly so as not to show any unsightly down, at least, and others try everything to accelerate or strengthen beard growth.

The latter should read on, and for everyone else, this article can close an interesting knowledge gap because there are various ways to do something for more intensive and faster beard growth.

The causes of weak or no beard growth

The causes of weak beard growth or no beard growth are different. In general, there are five reasons for inadequate or non-existent beard growth:

  • testosterone deficiency,
  • predisposition (hereditary characteristics),
  • vitamin and nutrient deficiencies,
  • ageing processes or
  • you are a late bloomer.

The root cause lies in the sum of all these reasons, some more and some less.

Every person is individual and unique, is built differently, grew up under different circumstances and has a different fate behind them. If the skin is damaged, such as by a scar from a previous injury, it is unlikely that facial hair will grow in that area.

A systematic approach is required to identify the correct and actual cause of weak or even weak beard growth so that targeted action can be taken.

Testosterone Deficiency

Hypogonadism is the technical term for male hormone deficiency. It’s about the male hormone par excellence, testosterone. The symptoms of a testosterone deficiency can be a lack of sexual desire (libido), muscle wasting, increase in body fat, depression, anaemia and bone loss (osteoporosis).

To get clarity, you should have a hormone analysis carried out. It’s not about not having that much energy for a few days, and we’re talking about more extended periods. This may have developed insidiously over several years. Under no circumstances should you take testosterone yourself based on research on the Internet and the conclusion “of course, I’m missing a hormone”. If you are considering hormone therapy, you must consult a specialist and clarify whether hormone therapy makes sense at all.


In most cases, the genetic predisposition decides if, when and how much the beard will grow. Asians, for example, generally have a relatively sparse beard growth, Orientals very often a thick beard growth. If the father or grandfather had little or no beard growth, they usually pass it on to subsequent generations.

Vitamin and nutrient deficiencies

Vitamin deficiency can also trigger hair loss on the head or chin. A healthy diet with the supply of all necessary vitamins is fundamentally essential for our well-being and beard growth. Approaching the problem from the inside out is a good strategy. Examples of crucial vitamins are A, B and E. One vitamin is always highlighted here, also known as the hair vitamin, biotin – vitamin B7. If you make sure you’re getting enough of these vitamins, you’ve already ruled out this possible cause.

Ageing Process

Since beard growth is related to hormones, among other things, it can become less weak with age. Men produce less testosterone as they age, and thus the associated functions change. As the body ages, every single cell in our body slows down and becomes less efficient. This also applies to the cells responsible for hair and beard growth. Fewer hormones and less cell activity are the causes of reduced beard growth.

Late Bloomer

It is not written in any gene that beard growth must be fully developed by 18. So if you’re 20 years old and you’re worried that you don’t have a lot of beard growth yet, you should “keep your head down”. Beard growth can still increase massively and may not be fully developed until the age of 25, since the human level continues to rise steadily until almost 30 years.

By the way, if you pay attention to it, you will notice that many men who have pronounced beard growth also shine with a bald head. Therefore, it is not possible to make an introductory statement as to where, why, and whether hair should grow – regardless of this, more or less beard growth has nothing to do with a person’s health. There is no magic cure for hair growth, but there are certainly ways to promote hair growth, although conventional medicine says that this is not possible, and we will go into that below.

Promotion of beard growth

Drug Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a drug used to treat hair loss. Chemically, it is a derivative of Kopexil. Officially, minoxidil is used in men between 18 and 49 to combat balding. The drug is applied twice a day as a solution or foam, and it is worth a try. Since this drug has side effects under certain circumstances, you should consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Tribulus Terrestrial

The terrestrial thorn (Tribulus Terrestris), also called earth star, is a plant that is considered a natural testosterone booster. It increases testosterone levels, which can have positive consequences for beard growth. For example, Tribulus Terrestris can be taken in capsule form as a dietary supplement, which many athletes do to experience an overall increase in performance.

Beard booster/beard growth agent

Beard Active®, Beard Growth Spray® or beard oil/beard care for dense beard growth and a full beard with organic oil are tested remedies that anyone can try out as 100% natural remedies. They contain the necessary vitamins that the body may not get through diet. In this way, you can replace the missing building blocks for extensive beard growth without being exposed to undesirable side effects.

Biotin and other vitamins

According to studies and long-term tests, biotin (vitamin B7 or vitamin H) accelerates hair growth in a highly concentrated form. Biotin is one of the essential coenzymes for hair metabolism. If consumed in moderation through food, it initially leads to brittle, dull and thin hair and even to diffuse hair loss if the biotin level is constantly low. Biotin supplements can make beard hair stronger and accelerate hair growth if taken regularly.

Combing with a beard brush

A somewhat more complex method, but quite effective because, just like the scalp, the hair roots of the beard must also be stimulated. In addition, regular combing with a beard brush stimulates blood circulation, which leads to a better supply of nutrients to the beard hair roots and thus promotes beard growth.


Silica is considered a natural remedy obtained from fossil diatoms and can be administered as a dietary supplement. The silica contains the active ingredient silicon, which is extremely important for hair growth, fingernails, and connective tissue strengthening. There is a lot of silicon in barley, millet, oats, and bananas.

Valuable beard oils

Valuable oils such as coconut oil, argan oil, castor oil and others have been proven to increase blood circulation in the skin without irritating it. In addition, the oils mentioned contain many valuable ingredients that also have an anti-inflammatory and caring effect. Furthermore, the mentioned oils ensure normalization of the skin metabolism, which is also essential for healthy hair growth. In any case, you are doing something good with the oils on your facial skin.

Garlic, mustard or chilli paste

Also, a rumour: it is said that rubbing garlic, mustard or chilli on bald areas of the skin promotes hair and beard growth. This reaction has not been proven, but it is imaginable due to the substantial increase in blood flow. However, this is also possible with nourishing oils, so that we would advise against garlic or mustard due to their intense irritation.

Shave regularly

It’s a long-standing myth: Regular shaving will make your beard grow faster. The fact is, when you shave, you cut off the thinner tips of the beard, making the stubble that grows back appear denser and thicker. However, this has no consequences for the growth of the beard.

However, you can use a trick to make the beard appear firmer. With the help of a beard trimmer, you can always cut the hair relatively short so that bald spots also grow over, and you can then develop a good-looking 3-day beard after a while.

Increase testosterone levels naturally.

Testosterone is produced in the testicles in men and plays a vital role in male sexuality, well-being, bone density and hair growth. The testosterone level rises continuously up to the age of 30, after which it falls again. The following measures keep the testosterone level at a high level or even increase it.

Lose weight

Weight loss usually increases the metabolism and thus naturally the testosterone level. It should be noted that weight loss must be reduced in the long term to increase testosterone levels. Short-term weight loss, for example, through FDH (“eat half”), does not lead to any change.

In particular, various studies on “belly fat” and its negative consequences on the male body have been undertaken in recent years. A clear finding from these studies was that belly fat is one of the biggest testosterone killers in men. So you shouldn’t just do something about an unsightly “beer belly” to look better but to naturally keep the testosterone level high with all its positive consequences.

Muscle building

Muscle building training, i.e. strength training with slow repetitions and high weights, promotes the conversion of fat into muscle mass. Ideally, in addition to intensive strength training, you should eat a high-protein diet or supplement your diet with protein supplements, so that muscle growth has the ideal conditions. Burning fat and converting it into protein has been shown to have positive effects on testosterone levels.

High zinc level

As a supplement during muscle building training, zinc is the ideal supplement to favour and promote the conversion of fat into muscle mass. Zinc is found in high beans or raw milk (also: cheese, yoghurt or kefir).

High vitamin D level

Vitamin D, also known as the “steroid hormone”, also has a beneficial effect on muscle growth and metabolism. Exposure to sunlight is the natural way to increase vitamin D levels. Significantly in winter, you can increase the vitamin D level with dietary supplements and thus ensure a constantly high vitamin D level.

Little stress

The stress hormone cortisol is only released when people are stressed. This hormone essentially blocks the effects of testosterone by setting the body up for “fight or flight” and counteracting thoughts of mating.

In addition to belly fat, stress is one of the main reasons for lower testosterone levels with all its negative consequences, such as listlessness or loss of libido and less vigorous beard growth.

Reduce Sugar

high insulin metabolism is responsible for lowering testosterone levels, so that’s the fact. Reduced sugar consumption does not allow the testosterone level to drop. Therefore, food and grain products such as bread or pasta containing sugar or fructose should not be used regularly.

Healthy Fats

Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids are very beneficial for good metabolism. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are mainly found in avocados and nuts, olives, organic milk or meat. Therefore, you should eat foods with unsaturated fatty acids regularly for health reasons and maintain an average testosterone level.

Conclusion to stimulate beard growth

Under no circumstances should you despair, because as mentioned at the beginning, every person is unique and built differently. No one can guarantee success, but if you don’t try, nothing will change, and all you have to do is accept that your beard will grow less.

One thing is sure: there is still no miracle cure for hair growth and not for beard growth. However, you can carry out the measures described accordingly over a long period, which increase the chance of more robust beard growth.

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