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This Is How You Find Appropriate Clothing For Your Workout.

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Today yoga, tomorrow HIIT, then body combat – the selection of different sports is vast – just like the selection of sportswear. But not every outfit goes with every workout. Here you can find out what you should wear for yoga, HIIT training, or body combat.

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With the ever-growing selection of sportswear, finding the right outfit for your workout is sometimes not that easy.

Because sports such as yoga, HIIT, or body combat place different demands on clothing so that you can train properly.

We reveal what you need to look out for to find the proper clothing for every sport.

Sweat-wicking clothing for HIIT

In so-called HIIT training, different exercises are combined that you can do with your body weight. So you don’t need any more equipment than a fitness mat.

The exercises are performed one after the other in-circuit units – often without breaks. After a short pause, the circuit can then be repeated.

Since the training is particularly sweaty, your outfit should be made of breathable materials and can absorb sweat well. It is also essential that the clothing fits well and does not slip during the exercises.

A sports bra that fits appropriately ensures that your breasts are well protected and cushioned movements. best sports bras shows that the Adidas Stronger For It Soft Bra is an excellent choice for HIIT sessions.

Leggings and tops should also be breathable. Instead of a shelter, you can also wear just a sports bra during your workout.

Layered look for the yoga routine

In yoga, you must find relaxation in movement and breathing. Although there are many different types of yoga, they all have in common that you need an outfit in which you can move quickly.

When you wear a matching sports bra to yoga, you no longer need a top. Yoga bras are usually the size of a crop top and ensure that everything stays in place despite the movement, just like the Yvette sports bra, which was voted the winner in the  test.

If you do power yoga, a well-fitting high waist legging like the yoga leggings from Beelu is suitable. It did exceptionally well in the sports leggings test.

You can also fall back on yoga leggings that sit wider for relaxing yoga. Make sure, however, that you have a sweatshirt or sweater that you can put on during the relaxation phase at the end of the yoga routine so that you don’t get cold.

Movement-friendly outfits for body combat

Body combat is becoming increasingly popular. Dynamic boxing movements are performed at intervals – be it with the arms, the legs, or both, however, without a punching bag or gloves, but into the room.

The training is strenuous, and you need to make large movements with your legs. That’s why you need leggings that are easy to move and fit well. In addition, the material should not be too thick, as you can quickly get warm during the workout.

Therefore, for example, the Formotion Sculpt Leggings from Adidas are suitable, ensuring that you can move well.

When it comes to tops, you can choose a well-fitting sports bra or a breathable top or t-shirt. However, you should not dress too warmly.

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