Top 5 skincare tips for winter 2022

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Taking care of your skin in the summer and winter months is very important to maintain that glow. Some people find it too time-consuming, but it does so much good for your skin to keep up with your skincare routine. Here we have the top 5 skincare tips for winter 2022, so you can look your best during cold seasons.

  1. Use Nourishing Masks for A Winter Glow

Usually, in the winter months, your skin can look dull and pale. The best way to bring back some life to your skin this winter is to use a well-formulated mask, you just have to make sure that you’re choosing a suitable mask. It is recommended that you use an oil-based mask (not water-based) mask, which protects your skin and adds to it. These oil-based masks can even act as a cleanser, so you’re not only nourishing your skin, but you’re also cleansing it at the same time.

  1. Take Extra Care of Your Lips

Sometimes people think that just because you’re wearing lipstick, this then means your lips are protected, but this is not always the case. Lipsticks tend to be made from a number of different ingredients some can hydrate, but sometimes they contain ingredients that actually reduce the moister. With the cold winter months when you find that your lips tend to become cracked and sore, you need to obtain as much moister as possible. Using a more organic lip product will help to avoid these kinds of ingredient that suck out the moister. Investing in a good lip scrub to get rid of any dead skin, is a great idea, to give you a nice smooth base.

  1. Use Hydrating Face Products

Even if you’re using a heavier moisturizer, you should still always have some sort of hydrating serum underneath. You should always do your research into which serum would be best to recharge and hydrate your skin, by checking all the ingredients you’ll be able to know. Serums are always good for targeting specific skin types and issues, such as dry skin and hyperpigmentation. Serums are great for adding moister and strengthening your skin, you can find serums in so many different forums like oils, gels and even whisper-thin emulsions. It’s so easy to find a serum that is well suited to your skin type, most beauty brands now offer them.

  1. Protect Your Hair

It’s so hard to maintain that shine to your hair in winter, that’s why keeping up with your hair maintenance is so important. There are some easy ways to protect your hair during the winter months like wearing a hat and getting regular haircuts to get rid of those dead ends. If you use silk liked hats this can then allow your scalp to breathe easier. Going outside in winter with wet hair can also lead to the ends freezing, which can then create more split ends. Using a mild shampoo and warm water, not extra hot, will help to keep any protective oils your hair creates.

  1. Look After Your Feet

Your feet are something that tends to be neglected. If you don’t keep up with looking after your feet this can then lead to dry skin and callouses which can end up being painful. You can avoid these things through moisturising regularly and exfoliating, this needs to become a ritual that you bring into your skincare routine. By the time summer comes around your feet will be looking brand new.


There are so many great skin care tips for the up and coming winter months, you just need to invest in the right skincare products for you. If you’re fancying an extra treat to help you glow during winter, aesthetics treatments at Dr Hennessy Aesthetics are the next step to take. If you’re not into your skincare you can always add to your face in other ways such as botox and filler, it’s just down to your personal preference!


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