The Most Beautiful Winter Trends Of The Season

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Stylish in the cold season: The most beautiful winter trends of the season

Winter has us firmly under control. Only somewhere back there on the horizon spring beckons. Until we can get rid of some layers of clothing again, it is time to make the most of it. Because winter is everything, but certainly not an excuse for a lousy style.

The most beautiful trends for this winter

Fortunately, the current winter trends not only look beautiful, but they also keep you warm. Gone are the days when we jumped through the snow in a light coat and a thin dress to look good. This season everything is a bit rougher and sportier. Incredible looks are needed that go along with every weather.

Let’s start with our feet: They’re stuck in chunky boots with thick soles this winter. This not only looks stylish, but these boots also keep the cold out a little longer than very flat shoes. All kinds of thermal leggings or vegan leather trousers can be combined well with this. The Mom Jeans are also preserved as a trend for us, and with tights underneath, it becomes suitable for winter.

We love layering on the upper body because with the onion look, and you can also adapt well to changing temperatures. A tight long sleeve shirt or turtleneck is the first layer that nestles against the body. It’s getting creative about it – with a wide blouse, a sweater, or a fantastic knitted piece. Wide sweaters and knitwear in neutral to bright colors make winter outfits casual. Since autumn, a megatrend that has accompanied us is wide sweaters worn over a wheelchair or blouse.

When it goes out into the cold, the outerwear must not be missing. This season, Orsay offers a wide selection of stylish coats and jackets. Slightly waisted coats with belts made of felt or wool give the outfit an elegant touch. We are well prepared for sub-zero temperatures with matching gloves, knitted headbands, and scarves. However, buffer jackets and quilted, calf-length down coats provide even more warmth. They are straight to boxy cut and look more relaxed than ladylike. If you wear a sporty wool hat in one of the current trendy colors, such as lavender or orange, you become a fashionista

This is how the perfect winter look works.

The best way to get through the cold is to rely on several layers. For example, funny knitted stockings can stand out from rough boots. Under the shake, a tight turtleneck sweater is perfect and under a wide shirt blouse. If you like, wear your mini skirt even in winter and combine thick tights and a wide knitted sweater. This season also very much loved loungewear such as cuddly hooded dresses or sweatpants made of fine knitwear.

The rule of thumb applies to the above: The warmer the dresses underneath, the lighter jackets and coats can be – and vice versa.

Perfectly style the transition from winter to spring.

Spring is coming, even if we can’t imagine it yet. Then it may still be fresh in themorning and evening, but the sun comes out during the day and makes us sweat in thick sweaters. If the temperatures remain permanently double digits, it is an excellent time to pack away the very thick knit and rely on lighter sweaters. A wide switch cloth protects against the cold even under a more lightweight jacket. If you like, layer the tops in particular and take off the sweater over the blouse when it gets warmer during the day

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