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Many people perceive the burnout crisis as a personal failure. The body no longer works the way you want it. Poor concentration and exhaustion reduce work performance. The energy is missing. Energy to tackle the simplest of tasks. There is no universal form of therapy for burnout patients. The doctor decides on the appropriate form of treatment. The disease develops insidiously and has several phases. But in general, the affected person learns to bring his body back into harmony, in harmony with spirit and soul.

Therapy often consists of psychotherapy and accompanying physical measures. This refers to standards that include movement and relaxation exercises. Causes of stress and living conditions can be treated holistically. The patient is responsible for a large part of the healing process. Accepting outside help makes a recovery easier. It also benefits him by becoming aware of his emotional and physical distress.

Inventory for holistic healing

Everyone affected suffers from different symptoms. Typical complaints are insomnia, listlessness and depressive moods. In some cases, burnout is far more advanced. Then, for example, the patient cannot cope on his own. Everyday life becomes a big challenge.

In addition to a sick note, the doctor also decides whether to admit you to the hospital. Depending on the degree of burnout, he decides between different forms of therapy. The patient can then be admitted to a psychiatric hospital. There is also the possibility that he will use short-term outpatient therapy.

As a rule, psychotherapeutic support is necessary. The doctor can also prescribe supportive medication. Drugs that activate the autonomic nervous system. This puts those affected in a relaxed state. This helps, for example, to a better sleep rhythm.

Tell your family and your social environment that you are suffering from burnout. Ask them for their support. Herbal supplements such as valerian, lemon balm, and passionflower may also be an option. They work fast and intense. This gives you more energy, but at the same time makes you feel calm and relaxed. However, this should be clarified in advance with a specialist.

Self-healing through proper nutrition and rest

You can do a lot to improve your condition. In the healing process, you must take care of a balanced and healthy diet. Eat foods high in serotonin and tryptophan. These fabrics are in

  • nuts,
  • kiwis,
  • Oatmeal,
  • plums,
  • tomatoes and
  • bananas

They influence mental well-being and alleviate depression. It can also be used to fight an anxiety disorder.

Drink lots of hot water. Hot water calms and promotes digestion. Coffee, alcohol and black tea increase energy, but you should avoid them. Such foods are very irritating and can cause further burnout symptoms. Create enough free space for yourself. Stop and slow down your circadian rhythm. You must move. Get out in the fresh air, ride a bike or do light exercise that doesn’t overwhelm you. Movement therapy such as yoga, tai chi or qigong also helps to promote the healing process.Salt and foot baths, massages and breathing exercises.

Massages support burnout therapy

Salt baths, warm foot baths, and massages with brushes and oils stimulate the body. They give you a soothing body sensation. Breathe against burnout. Learn to breathe relaxed, slowly and calmly in living therapy or self-study. This simple technique will make you calm down and less upset in stressful situations. Find a hobby or artistic activity that you enjoy. An exercise in which you can express your feelings and which gives space to your inner life. The most important thing is accepting your situation and not suppressing negative emotions.

See a doctor who can make an accurate diagnosis. He analyzes your body’s needs and examines you for secondary diseases. Burnout healing is a long process. But trust in yourself. It’s going to be worth it.


Burnout can hit you full force. Even if it is not easy to believe in the difficult phase, the chances of recovery are good. Try to stay optimistic. Try to look to a bright future. The stage will pass. Believe in yourself. However, you must seek professional help and have everything clarified by a doctor.

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